Friday, 1 August 2014

Day 2 Clue of #WhatTheBlack Mystery

If you have read this post on Blogadda's #WhatTheBlack activity, you will know that I was expecting the second clue today and it arrived in the form of a newspaper! Yes and it is black in color with the name of What The Black Times! One more day to go before the mystery is revealed to all of us but I'm still stumped.

Like any detective who first tries to think of what's common between clues and hints, I have done the same. So the first day I received an egg which was colored black and the second day I got a newspaper that is all black. What's the connection? Well, both things are originally white and have turned black. So the product could be something that has been available in white but is coming out in a new black avatar. But what is it?? Any idea?

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Want to join me in solving the mystery of #WhatTheBlack?

Thank you thank you Blogadda for giving me an opportunity to live one of my most cherished dreams. For someone who has grown up on a substantial doze of Enid Blyton, Carolyn Keene, Ruth Rendell,  Agatha Christie, Satyajit Ray, Sharadindu Bandopadhyay and many others, solving a mystery or atleast attempting to solve one has been number 1 on her list of things to do before dying for a very long time. And I'm about to do that all thanks to you and #WhatTheBlack!

You may ask what is this big mystery you are trying to solve? Well, I got shortlisted by Blogadda in their #WhatTheBlack activity to guess what black product they are promoting. First step was to write my wishlist of all things black. After being shortlisted, I was told that I would be receiving black things everyday for four days starting from the 30th of July and the last one I receive would be the actual product. Today I received my first product and guess what it is? A chocolate egg with a black shell! I was expecting some technology related thing but kudos to the blogadda guys for coming up with something so unexpected. Guess it is just not me who devours detective novels :D.

From the 1st day's product, here are some clues that I have managed to come up with it that could help crack the code.

1. It cannot be chocolate because that would be too obvious but could it be something edible?
2. The question in the note that was inside the box 'Did the chicken come first or the egg?'. Is it hinting at anything?
3. The product could be something that is ensconced in a hard shell.
4. When I touched the black egg, my hands turned black and then purple so could purple or color be a clue?

I'm stuck and cannot figure out much. Do you guys want to join in solving the mystery of #WhatTheBlack? I will be posting details about all the products I get so how about cracking this together? There might be prizes for both you and me. Please comment below on what you think the final product could be. I am so looking forward to tomorrow's clue!

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow Rose Gold - Review, Swatches

Early this year, Makeup Revolution, a budget brand made its debut in UK with a host of products at really cheap prices. Their lipsticks I think cost only a pound and a 32 shade eye shadow palette for only eight pounds! Makeup Revolution is available in India through Jabong and while browsing their new makeup launch section, I came across this Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in the shade Rose Gold. What is disappointing is that while the price of this product in the UK is £4.00, Jabong is selling it for Rs 990 which is crazy! Thankfully, I had a voucher of Rs 500 and the end price of Rs 490 was not bad for this dupe of the famous Stila Magnificent Metals Eye Foils priced at £47. 

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow Rose Gold

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick Pink Pong (06) - Review, FOTD

Like bright fuchsia lipsticks? Meet one of the brightest colors you will come across - Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick Pink Pong (how cute is that name!). If you have read the post where I reviewed the shade Frambourjoise, you will know how much I'm loving these liquid matte lipsticks. I bought Frambourjoise in Paris, came back and was practically kicking myself for not buying some more shades but then help was only a phone call away. My mum was in Singapore and she got me two more shades from this range - Pink Pong, a bright bright fuchsia and Peach Club, a pretty peach. Peach Club will be coming up soon but for now, let's focus on Pink Pong. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick Pink Pong (06)

Monday, 28 July 2014

Inside My Envy Box July Edition - Review

The July edition of My Envy Box reached my place about a week back so sorry about this late post. I've been really busy at work and hardly getting time to take pictures and write for the blog and the sad part is that I'm going to get busier. No idea how I'm going to manage everything but I'll sure try my best. Coming to My Envy Box, this month the products were sent out in the lavender box, my favorite of all the colors that I've got till date. Let's take a look at what was inside.

My Envy Box July Edition